Families & The Challenges of Remote Learning

Parents we get ,it is difficult, but you are doing great!

Covid 19 has brought about many changes in all aspects of our lives. It’s no wonder that the consequences of the virus are also blatantly apparent within our children’s education. Just remember: with unity ,there is success! Let’s discuss some of the challenges and solutions of online learning.


  • It is a limited social environment. It’s difficult for kids to express their opinions and feelings, only after they’ve been unmuted
  • Behavior management is definitely not ideal through platforms like zoom. Being booted offline due to bad behavior will not bring about the same emotional support than other in person strategies
  • Kids can be easily distracted online- with YouTube, or internet games
  • With online classes, kids cannot do other activities, such as go outdoors

Possible solutions:

  • If YouTube or online games are an issue → Ask for paper copies of the assignments or see if there are browser monitoring services
  • If the lack of social interaction is an issue → set up a playdate with 1 or 2 children, but with the appropriate infection control methods
  • Children with learning disabilities tend to struggle with remote learning→ Parents, make sure you keep track of their progress, if the academic skills are falling behind work with the school to find a solution. A possible solution can be a 1:1 video session