Children helping at home

The Benefits of Children helping at Home:

  1. Increases their self-esteem and confidence
  2. Emphasizes the importance of having responsibilities
  3. Reaffirmation of their motor skills
  4. They feel that they are a valuable member of the family
  5. They develop teamwork skills…

Families & the challenges of remote learning

Parents we get ,it is difficult, but you are doing great!


Covid 19 has brought about many changes in all aspects of our lives. It’s no wonder that the consequences of the virus are also blatantly apparent within our children’s education. Just remember: with unity ,there is success! Let’s discuss some of the challenges and solutions of online learning…

10 false myths about vaccines

  1. In hygienic conditions, they are not necessary.
  2. They carry long-term ill effects, even death.
  3. They can cause sudden infant death…