Children Helping at Home

The Benefits of Children helping at Home:

  1. Increases their self-esteem and confidence
  2. Emphasizes the importance of having responsibilities
  3. Reaffirmation of their motor skills
  4. They feel that they are a valuable member of the family
  5. They develop teamwork skills
  6. Promotes organizational skills
  7. They begin to form a healthy concept of discipline and independence

How to start?

  1. Choose a task according to his age
  2. Children learn through imitation–>Show them how to do it
  3. Praise the effort, not the result
  4. At the beginning, do the activities with them several times so that they feel supported
  5. When they do it alone, accompany them and always supervise
  6. Avoid criticizing the results, and be patient.  Little by little they will improve.

Here are some suggestions of what children can do to help at home:

  1. Sort your toys after you are done playing with them
  2. Help clear and clean the table after eating
  3. Organize your room
  4. Take your clothes to the laundry basket
  5. Help with food preparation (always with supervision)
  6. Separate unused toys to donate
  7. Sort and store your clothes
  8. Feed the pet